Brazil Cerrado
This coffee is well balanced. It has an acidity that is pleasantly bright, crisp and lively.

Celebes Toraja
From the Island of Sulawesi, considered one of the world's finest coffees, rich, full body, well balanced acidity.

Colombia Supremo
Colombian coffee is one of the most consistently good coffees in the world today.
It is overwhelmingly rich in acidity, full bodied and powerfully aromatic.

Costa Rica Tarrazu
This region produces excellent coffee. Clean with bright to rich acidity and full body.

Ethiopia Mocha Harrar
One of the world's most distinctive coffees. With balanced acidity, medium bodied and full flavor.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Yirgacheffe is one of the finest coffees available. It has a floral-fruity taste, with rich soft-toned acidity and substantial body.

Guatemala Antigua
Distinctive rich acidity, often spicy or smoky, full body and complex flavor.

Java Estate
Very aromatic coffee, relatively low acidity, smooth and pleasantly balanced.

Kenya AA
Easily among the world's best. Very rich in flavor, medium body with some subtle winey tones, with a moderate acidity.

Kona Extra Fancy
Hawaii is the only state within the U.S. producing coffee. Famous for it's sweet flavor with mild acidity and medium body.

Mexico Altura
Delicate in body, dry acidity snap, with chocolate tang and attractive aroma.

Panama Panamaria
The coffee from this gateway country is heavy in body, mild in flavor with a smooth, sweet character.

Sumatra Golden Mandheling
Many consider the Mandheling coffees of Sumatra the world's finest.
Rich, resonant, deep toned acidity and full body.

Tanzania Peaberry
The best Tanzania Peaberry coffees grow mainly on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro near the border with Kenya. Richly aromatic.

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