Breakfast Blend
A delicious light bodied blend of Central and South American coffees.
Very aromatic, sweet and pleasantly sharp.

House Blend
A combination of Central and South American coffees,
makes an excellent light bodied, sweet, rich flavor blend.

Kona Blend
A blend of the finest Hawaiian Konas with one of the best South American coffees.
Makes an excellent well balanced coffee.

Mocha Java Blend
One of the world's oldest blends, rich and full bodied. A unique after dinner coffee.

New Fazenda Blend
A full bodied blend of coffees from Indonesia, East Africa and Central America.

SpecialHouse Blend
A rich blend of our finest coffees, with great acidity, medium body and excellent flavor.

Viennese Blend
Our finest coffees from Indonesia and Central America roasted to a full city roast, giving them that unique taste.

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