Decaffeinated Coffees

Breakfast Blend
A well balanced and satisfying blend. It has a light body and a smooth, mild flavor.

An intense, full flavor with less acidity and medium body.

Costa Rica
Full bodied, balanced acidity and sweet rounded flavor.

Espresso Elite
Enjoy good espresso without the caffeine.
It has an intense aroma, medium body and a mild smooth flavor.

Espresso Grato
Smooth and light, with spicy undertones, wonderful aroma and well balanced flavor.

Espresso Select
A dark roasted decaf espresso, producing a full bodied,
sweet flavored coffee with a hearty aroma.

French Roast
An excellent decaf, well balance flavor, rich and full bodied, with a nutty like aroma.

House Blend
Well balanced; nutty, aromatic with medium body and decent acidity.

Italian Roast
A dark roast that brews a heavy bodied cup, well balanced with a sweet finish.
One of our most popular dark roast coffees.

Kona Blend S.W.P.
Top quality coffees from Central America. Blended with pure Kona Decaf, to provide a smooth, fine flavor.

Master's Blend
An intense full flavor blend of top grade coffees, great anytime of day.

Mediterranean Espresso
A light roasted decaf espresso producing a full bodied, sweet flavored coffee with a hearty aroma.

Mexico Esmeralda
Well balanced, clean smooth coffee, light to medium body.
Pleasant acidity and delicate aroma.

Mocha Java Blend
A special blend that offers exotic tones, fine aroma and a clean, slighty sweet aftertaste.

Special House Blend
A moderate aromatic, pleasantly mild coffee, offering good balance of acidity, aroma and body.

Sumatra is the richest, most full flavored decaffeinated coffee, almost syrupy.

Perú Organic

México Altura

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